Open for 4th of July with special on to-go beer

After going to the parade in the morning, come down to the brewery and get some great patriotic beers. Red Glare is always a favorite, but maybe you like IPA’s, and we have two of those – THE American IPA, and Eagle Eye PA. Maybe Liberty Belle Blonde Lager is more your style, or maybe a nice wheat beer with Waves of Grain.
Whichever beer you like best, we are discounting growler refills on The 4th by four bucks! And if you don’t have a growler (or want an extra one), you just pay full price for the refill and we’ll give you the growler for free! If you were interested in bringing 6 packs to your party, we will also give you $2 off for selected brands.

A Lot of New Beers and More

Waves of Grain is finally back on tap for the summer, and with it we have a few other favorites. Our new Session IPA is also on tap now, and has taken over top sales for the brewery. Eagle Eye PA is a lighter IPA at only 4.5% but with a lot of Michigan hops in it – try it at the brewery, or buy it in your local store.
Also new to tap is Colden Calculator, a Munich style Helles Bock. Golden and delicious, this refreshing beer will easily pair with almost anything. Also coming very soon is Key Lime Gose – a big batch of a popular recipe from Eddie’s Brewers Series. I missed it when it was on tap last year, so I can’t wait to get into this one.
And if you miss Punkin Pie Ale, we have a few cases left for quick sale, so ask your server in the tasting room because this is the only way to get this beer until the end of summer. All other 6 packs are available in the tasting room as well, so take home your favorite beer today. Of course growlers are good for the other beers that are not bottled. And if you happen to shop at Meijers, check out their shelves for 6 packs of THE American IPA, Red Glare, and Eagle Eye PA – they are also on the singles racks in case you just want to try one before you commit.

Red Velvet on tap today – Western Medicine, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, and more.

Yup, it’s St. Valentines Day today, and as usual, we have Red Velvet on tap. We add chocolate to our popular Red Glare to get a richness that is similar to the cake it is named after. This is a very small batch, so be sure to get in and have some today because it will be gone tomorrow.
We judged a homebrew competition a few months ago at Imperial Beverage in Kalamazoo, and the winning beer is being brewed at our production plant for statewide distribution. Currently known as Western Medicine (name to be changed for the market), this beer is very similar to a citrusy/herbal summer beer that we make. Using grapefruit instead of clementines and lemons, and using basil instead of thyme, this light American wheat beer is so refreshing, we think you’ll want more than one. We tapped a trial batch yesterday, and it will go quick as well. Come in and have some, and let us know what you think about it. We are tweaking the recipe for scaling it up to our big system.
Ok, so finally a beer that is in a bigger batch, and not going away too quick – Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stout is a multiple award winning recipe from The Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club. We had some of the members in for a brew session after Christmas, and now the beer is ready. It has an interesting nuttiness from the toasted oats used in the mash, and hints of cinnamon and vanilla add to the layers of this beer.

Pooh Beer back on tap! Happy Anniversary LSBC!

Pooh Beer is finally back on tap at the brewery. It is every bit as smooth as usual, so get in to get some as soon as you can. There are a few other beers now available in the tasting rooms, so get in and try them all now – some will go quick; like Pingo Pango – a Belgian Golden made with pineapple and mango. A bigger beer, but very refreshing, and just a touch of fruit to make you think of island living. Pingo Pango is part of the Brewers Series.
Also, it is with great pleasure I get to announce our 8th anniversary tomorrow. We usually have a special beer made each year to commemorate this momentous event. This year we reserved a fan favorite for the occasion. Please welcome back to the taps Aftershocker, our second sour beer aged in a red wine barrel for just enough time to make you pucker. This is extremely limited reserve and will go very quick because of my own love for it. Sorry, beat me to it!

Emperor Norton is back on tap!

As the weather turns to cooler days, and colder evenings, you’ll see more and more Imperial Stouts coming to the taps all around you. We know that is what you want to drink, so we bring our Imperial Stout to the taps at the brewery. Emperor Norton is a big beer with a very big flavor. The flavor of chocolate is so rich in this high alcohol beer, you’ll think you are having a decadent desert. We use different types of chocolate malts to layer the character, you may want to float some ice cream on it.

Barbers Garden IPA back on tap!

As a sure sign that fall is here, we are releasing our annual offering of Barbers Garden IPA. This harvest ale is made with cascade hops grown right next door at the barber shop – cultivated and harvested by our friend Bill, and processed by Jimi. A lot goes into making this beer, starting in late March and culminating with this very fresh, and local IPA.
Today is the best day to get it – at least for bragging rights, but also because the fresher it is, the better it tastes.

Fall is here! Get your windmill cookie now!

Windmill Cookie (aka Fall Shandy) is our popular Pun-Kin Pie Ale with just a splash of Liberty Street Root Beer. The flavor is a definite match for the old windmill cookies your Grandma gave you when you were a kid. This seasonal treat can be enjoyed at the brewery along with the Apple Pie using hard cider instead of root beer.
And there’s a new beer on tap today – Hidden Effect is a barley wine style beer made with lots of German grain for a very malty flavor. At 9.5% alcohol, it has warm feeling without the bite.

Oktoberfest on tap now

Two new beers to announce today – Oktoberfest and Spiritual Spiral, a black Saison. Spiritual Spiral is a Brewers Series beer, so it is very limited, and Oktoberfest is also a single batch beer brewed in the spring and lagered all summer like a traditional Marzen should.
Join us tonight at Ashley’s in Westland for Big Booty Judy’s Big Beer Bonanza. Enjoy big beers from a bunch of local breweries including three from Liberty Street; Bear L Hug (Bourbon barrel aged Pooh Beer), Siamese Dream Double IPA and After-Shocker a sour beer aged in a red wine barrel. All beers at this event will be ‘big’ beers, so enjoy responsibly.
Then join us tomorrow when we hit both sides of town at Farmington’s Harvest Moon Festival Thursday and Friday, and then at Yates Cider Mill on Thursday for a beer tasting on the Clinton River. Get cider and donuts and beer! If you are on the extreme west side, you can join us in Manistee on Saturday for Hops and Props.
Do you want to know more about beer? Sign up now for Beer Savvy Bootcamp at Liberty Street Brewing Company (REGISTRATION ONLINE AT CICERONE.ORG).

Draft party at the brewery

Not draught, but draft. If you are in a fantasy football league, and you’re looking for a central place for draft day, think of coming to Liberty Street Brewing. Bring the whole group and enjoy discounted beer (10% off for four to seven team owners, 20% off for eight team owners or more). There is no need to pre register, though it helps, just be at the brewery after we open at noon, and we will make space for your league. Why disturb the rest of the family by holding your draft at someone’s house? Come have fresh beer with your friends while talking as much sports as you want, and taunting them for poor draft selections. Order pizza or other local food to be delivered right to your group table, or bring in food or snacks, just be here to enjoy our space and beer.

New Brewer Series beer – Fast Fiction

It’s Monday again, and at Liberty Street Brewing, that can mean a lot of things, but most importantly, a new beer! Today we release another small batch of beer from the Brewer Series – Fast Fiction is a white ale made with Mt. Rainier hops, offering a soft floral aroma, and mellow bitterness with a clean finish. Very small batch, get it fast.