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In case you haven’t been around in a while (shame on you), I thought I’d share some of the latest happenings. We have had a few changes in faces lately with Josh going back to school, and Mary Jo getting a “real job”. MJ is still going to be with us on Sundays, and some special occasions when we need that little something extra. Candy has stepped into a lot of the coverage with Josh’s exodus, as well as taking on management duties with MJ. Even the brewery has seen recent changes; Jim will be off for a while for medical reasons, so we have hired our intern, Rob, as well as another homebrewer, Matt, that has shown a real love and interest for what we do here at LSBC. We are all very excited about the new opportunities that have come upon us, and we hope you enjoy some of the new things that we do.
Make sure you check back to the events page often as it is updated constantly (not very often, but as instant as gigs get booked). And if you are not receiving this as an email notification of an update, then subscribe to our updates by clicking on the “POSTS” link at the top of our website. This will send new posts to your email inbox within seconds of posting.

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