Punkin Pie Ale at Liberty Street tomorrow

Yes, it has finally come back! Not The Great Pumpkin, but a slight derivative in the form of one of the finest holiday beers. Punkin Pie Ale is finally back on tap at Liberty Street Brewing Company! This has been the most requested returning beer from our tasting room, ever since it went off tap to make room for the Clementine Lemon Thyme. Punkin Pie will be on tap throughout the holiday seasons, and into the beginning of next year when CLT comes back to the taps.
Come down on Friday night as we welcome a new band to the Upper Hall; Rellim will be playing from 9 to midnight. Saturday, we welcome back (by popular demand) The Spoke Drunkies – Part bike racing team, part rock band… all kinds of fun. The Spoke Drunkies play the same set times of 9 to midnight, so come down to catch both of these shows.

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