Holiday season update

We will be closed for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and reopen again on Friday. Come out tonight for the traditional ‘busiest bar night of the year’, you can always sleep in tomorrow. Then be sure to come back on Friday to get back to the regular grind.
Today is discount growler fill day, so be sure to get your growlers filled in preparation for dinner tomorrow. We have been filling a lot of growlers with Punkin Pie Ale at a rate of half all growlers filled in the past two days… we’re not running out, but it just goes to show that people are enjoying this seasonal offering. We do plan to carry Punkin Pie through the holidays and into early next year, but don’t wait – try some now.
Gift certificates are available in any amount, and easily reusable by adding more money to them at any time. They make great gifts and fit quite well into stockings. We hope to have new shirts in stock for the gift giving season as well, and of course the gift that keeps on giving… Mug Club membership. Just $35 for an annual membership, and $100 for a lifetime of great beer at discounted rates. Most lifetime members have already chipped away quite a bit from the original cost, or even made it back.
We have a lot of good entertainment coming for the remainder of the year, and they can all be reviewed by checking our events page on this site. You don’t want to miss our second anniversary party coming on the 11th. The food should be incredible as we have hired the Executive Chef from The Inn at St. John’s to prepare our meal using our beer. Tickets will be sold for this event, and more details will follow soon.
Besides keeping up on the entertainment through the website event page, you can also watch for special beer releases and other information that we want our customers to be aware of. Subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the ‘POSTS’ icon at the top of our website, and you will receive notices of changes to the website.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and we hope to see all if you very soon.

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