Where does the time go?

Time seems to be flying at the brewery – I can hardly believe it has been almost two years since we’ve opened for your craft beer enjoyment. Next month on the 11th of December, we are planning a celebration that should be at least as good as our first year. The dinner and party will be planned by very close friends of the brewery (fob’s); Jason Stoops (Executive Chef), Terrence his Sous Chef, and Colleen of 5ive at the Inn at St. John’s (5ive is not a typo). They have been very good friends for over a year, and feature our brewery and beer prominently in their menu. No doubt Jason will use our beer in his recipes for the dinner.
And of course, one last reminder to be here tonight for the big birthday bash for Mary Jo. You don’t want to miss tonight’s entertainment either; Funktion from Kalamazoo is going to blow out the Upper Hall tonight so come by to check it out.
On Sunday (tomorrow), we welcome Rex Halfpenny of the Michigan Beer Guide as he takes his audience through the history of brewing and the history of styles. Featuring only Liberty Street beer, there will be nine samples to taste, and you can review a list of them by clicking the beers link toward the top of this page.
So you like big beers, do you? Come down on Wednesday the 10th for our release of Gnarley Barleywine. This classic recipe was requested by Brian and Judy for a Sons of Liberty small batch several months ago and it took a little digging to get the recipe. This ‘beer’ was brewed many years ago at the Detroit Beer Factory, and Judy and Brian remember it fondly, so a tip from a colleague led me to Saugatuck Brewing’s Barry Johnson who owns a lot of the original DBF equipment (including the brew on premise system that originally produced this beautiful creation). It took him a few hours to find the old recipe sheet as it was over ten years ago that it was put away. Taking several months to ferment, we finally have this offering available to the public.
Next weekends entertainment includes a new band, Spy Radio Music, on Friday and returning for another great show is Baked Potato on Saturday. Click on both bands’ links to hear samples of their music, and check out the video on Spy Music’s page – pretty cool.

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