Anyone for a bit of ‘hair of the dog’?

Come down to the brewery tonight to see a great Bluegrass band named Terrie real cialis without prescription Lea and the and the Mustangs.
Come in New Years Day to watch football and enjoy a half pint of Four Ones (1-1-11) Double IPA, at 10.3% ABV. Whether you behaved yourself on New Years Eve, or need to rehydrate and remind your liver who’s boss, then this is the beer for you. It is a small batch and is not available for growler fills, and only served in half pints. It will still disappear rather quick, so make sure get in to get your taste before it is gone.
Then on Wednesday the 5th, we have another special release with Paint River Bock. This Traditional Bock won Best of Festival at the 2010 Michigan Renaissance Festival Homebrew Competition and the homebrewer was awarded a brew session with us on the main system. This release date coincides with a live recording of the BrewBubbas podcast in our Upper Hall that same evening. We expect a lot of homebrewers from the area to show up for this event as the show will feature a live Q&A with local professional brewers.

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