Ice festival this weekend… and other stuff.

Jim and I came back from a very educational and fun conference for Michigan brewers in Kalamazoo last week. We wanted to make sure that some of the upcoming events are known by our friends;
This weekend in Downtown Plymouth is the 29th annual Ice Festival with sculptures and structures all over town. Come down and warm up at Liberty Street on Friday the 21st with a return visit from The Northern Skies. Haling from the Grand Rapids area, The Northern Skies are a group that creatively blends bluegrass, Americana and Celtic music into something that is very easy to get dancing to. On Saturday the 22nd, we welcome back BeBe and the Bluesmasters for a night of jazz, R&B and Soul music including a full rhythm section, plus brass and beautiful vocals. Both bands are now known for their high energy performances here, and musical material that anybody could love. Both of these shows are expected to be incredible performances, and we are anticipating large audiences for both, so don’t miss it!
On Wednesday the 26th at 9pm, we will release Kilt Tilter – A Strong Scotch Ale made with a small amount of smoked malt to replicate the peet smoked barley that is traditionally used in this style. At 6.7% alcohol by volume, this is a nice warmer to help take us out of the winter season.
The following Saturday on the 29th, we welcome 50 Cent Headrush for the first time to Liberty Street. This band has been rocking the metro area for over ten years, and are going to perform a rare acoustic show for our guests. I know a couple of the guys from the band, and I guarantee that regardless of being acoustic… it will rock. As always, there is never a cover charge for our regular shows, and all ages are welcome.
Don’t forget that Punkin Pie Ale is our seasonal offering that compliments our six ‘all the time’ beers well, and won’t be around much longer. We will soon be brewing the Clementine Lemon Thyme light American wheat style beer to replace the Punkin as the seasonal for spring and summer. You may be thinking that it is a long time away, but not in the brewing world.

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