This weekend ‘warmup’ at LSBC

Tonight (Friday the 11th) we have the return of The Delta Twins with their rocking blues sound. I’ve seen these guys play a couple times now, and if you like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Clapton, you’ll love this band. The bass guitarist is quite young, but plays an acoustic bass as if it were a lead guitar… no dumb thumpin’ here. The other two guitarists trade off leads, and compliment each other well enough to sound like one – and the singer can actually sing. I will be checking them out at 9 pm in the Upper Hall at Liberty Street.
Tomorrow night (Saturday the 12th) we have another great show with Four Block Empire. They were the band playing for our second anniversary party in December, and they’ve been working on a mess of new tunes that they will debut here at 9 pm. These guys have regular jobs… like teaching the future rockstars of America as music teachers – they’re that good!
Now of course all of this can be enjoyed in the warmth and comfort of our Upper Hall while sipping a nice winter beer to warm you up. There is just a little bit of the Resinator Doppelbock left, but plenty of the Paint River Bock… both in the mid to upper 6% abv. Then, we had the release (Wednesday) of the first large batch of Pooh Beer – our honey porter brewed with plenty of Michigan honey. This had been a festival favorite that we’ve had many requests for in the tasting room, and coming in at just under 8% abv, this is another very comfortable beer to drink when it is cold outside.
And just as a reminder, this coming Monday is Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to get your obligatory card (for the inventors of the holiday), and then make sure you come out to Liberty Street to get a taste of this years Red Velvet ale. It is made with plenty of cocoa for a rich flavor with a beautiful deep red color to emulate the cake it is named after. This is a small batch, and will not last long so make sure you get to try it as I won’t make it again until next year. We’ll also be serving a dessert that is both sweet and savory – X&O is french vanilla ice cream on a chocolate and caramel “O” with cheesecake filled breadsticks making the “X”.

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