Summer beer fest tickets now on sale at LSBC

We just received our allotment of tickets for the Summer Beer Festival. We only got 100 tickets for each day, so you’ll want to get them as soon as you can because they won’t last. They are also available online at Michigan Brewers Guild.
Liberty One will be released tomorrow and it is another small batch, so get some while it lasts. Sorry, no growlers on this beer, but all Mug Club and happy hour discounts will apply.
Next week Tuesday night, our beer will be featured at Cinco Lagos in downtown Milford. Five beers will be paired with the incredible, authentic Mexican food that Cinco Lagos is known for. Call Cinco Lagos for more details, or follow our Facebook page for more details.
This weekend you can enjoy some terrific live entertainment as we welcome back The Northern Skies on Friday night, and The Terry Murphy Band on Saturday night. Both bands have played here before, and have been highly acclaimed by those that have witnessed it.
Get the entertainment while it lasts!!! We have been approached by an organization that is (legally) allowed to charge us for live entertainment that performs in our Upper Hall. We have made an educated business decision to discontinue cover band entertainment in the future. What does this mean, we will still be known as Plymouth’s premier location for fresh music with talented musicians, we’ll just be doing a lot less of it. We are reviewing ways to intelligently utilize our Upper Hall space to still sell as much fresh crafted beer as we can. Stay tuned for more to come…

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