Last chance for tickets, beer release and other events

That’s right, tickets for the summer beer festival are running low at LSBC, so get in quick to buy yours. You may still be able to get them online after we run out, but there will be a service charge.
On Monday, the Fourth of July, we will be open with normal business hours. In celebration of the birthday of our country, we are releasing a very special beer. tilting the alcohol scales at 11%. The original was an eccentric fellow that at one point, proclaimed himself as the first Emperor of these United States. He must have had a few beers like this based on his actions.
On Saturday the 9th, we will have a return performance from Michael May and the Messarounds. This rock band is as good as it gets, and they will be playing from 9pm until midnight. This same weekend is Plymouth’s Art in the Park in the Downtown area. We will have art featured again from local artist, Hal Loo. And Hal will be on hand to perform demonstrations of his work with airbrush art and to answer any questions about his work.

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