8 Ball IPA and Trivia tonight!

Come to Liberty Street tonight from 7-9 and enjoy free live trivia while tasting our freshest offering in the style of “Cascadian Dark Ale”. We like to call it a Black IPA, and you will too when you notice that, regardless of color, there is absolutely no roasted or chocolate character normally associated with such dark beers.

Hop aromas waft up from the dark foam, and nothing but citrusy bitterness on your tongue ending with a clean aftertaste. This is the first large batch of this recipe that was formulated two years ago for Motor City Trivia in recognition of their game called 8 Ball. Come early and get one while happy hour pricing is still on, and receive 10% off everything while playing trivia in the Upper Hall.
While you play trivia, you can get a sneak preview of our upcoming art show before the Friday night opening at 7pm.

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