Punkin’ Pie Ale is on tap now.

You’ve waited long enough, and we’ve finally brought back our fall/winter seasonal. Punkin’ Pie Ale was just tapped in the tasting rooms, and early reviews are that it is just as delicious as ever. This light amber style ale is spiced with a special blend of spices that make this beer easy to drink. We plan to have this beer on tap throughout the winter until Clementine Lemon Thyme comes back in the spring.
Speaking of Clementine Lemon Thyme… if you want to get one last taste before it is all gone, join us at the DIY Festival in Ferndale September 16th through the 18th where the last of CLT will be poured.
This Thursday the 15th, we host “Backstage Pass” at 7 pm. There will be three members of the brass section being interviewed by the moderator and accepting questions from the audience as well. There is usually a short performance to be enjoyed at the end too, so this is really a fun event… and free.
There has been a rumor going around about our wine license progress, and I would like to take use forum to confirm. We have recently received our approval from the city which, in combination with approvals from the state and federal governments, can now be presented back to the state for licensing. This means that we are in our final leg of this race, and that licensing should be very soon. No date yet, because the state still has plenty of work to do to before licensing us, but we are hopeful to have our cider back immediately.

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