More new beer – and Cider back at Liberty!

That’s right, cider is back at Liberty Street Brewing. We just received our small wine makers permit at Liberty, and have hard cider and cherry cider on tap. Wine is soon to follow, and mead will be later to arrive as it takes longer to mature.
I don’t know why, but we still have plenty of tickets for this falls beer festival at Eastern Market in Detroit on the 22nd.

Last year we sold our allotment six weeks before the event, here we are only two weeks away, and we still have more than half of them. I wouldn’t take this as relaxing information though, and if you are planning to go, I would get them now.
Another item not moving as expected is our gluten free beer (G-Free), and it will be put on sale to help move it off of the taps. This is not your typical commercially available gluten free beer… this one tastes great!
We will be in Downtown Plymouth on Sunday for the 16th Annual Chili Cook Off, and this year we have answered the masses with a chili that has a little more heat to it. There will be several restaurants competing for peoples the choice award, so try ours if you dare, and vote for us if you care.

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