C Monster on the loose next week, and other new beers.

That’s right, C Monster makes it’s return to the taps at Liberty Street Brewing Company next week on Wednesday. This is traditionally the busiest bar day of the year, and we just made it a much bigger deal. This beer originated as an Imperial IPA with a higher ABV than the current (9.5%), but every bit as hoppy as the original. Using all seven of the “C” hops in this beer makes a very resiny and citrusy ale that goes down easy with a biting hop presence and clean finish. This is one of those big batches that just won’t last long at all, so make sure you come by and get some for yourself.
And speaking of fresh beer… we just tapped a new batch of both the Red Glare Amber Ale and Punkin’ Pie Ale just this afternoon. Plenty of these to go around so enjoy it as much as you’d like.

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