Berry Vanilla Stout just in time for Christmas… more beer!

Everybody has been asking what we would make for our Christmas beer this year, and what we have come up with is a nice stout that has been infused with blueberries and vanilla for a fruited smoothness that compliments the beer.

    Berry Vanilla Stout

will have it on the taps on Tuesday the 20th, and it will probably only last until this weekend, so be sure to come by and try it.
Another common request is a wheat beer, and though that would be considered out of season, we have accommodated by making the heartier

    Wheat & Rye ESB

which should be on tap just before the turn of the year. Then just after recovery from the new year celebration, we hit you with one of our favorites –

    Emperor Norton

, an Imperial Stout made to warm you from the inside out.

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