Here’s some news that you don’t want to miss!

Our 3rd anniversary (today) came and went with little fanfare this year due to increased responsibilities at the brewery. Liberty Street started small distribution in 2009 and with increased popularity in the tasting rooms, we had to reduce that production so we wouldn’t run out at home where our customers deserve to have the first availability to our beer. This move does not reduce the amount of demand for our product across the state, so with the brewhouse at maximum capacity for more than two years, we needed to look outside for production capacity. We examined partner brewing in other larger brewhouses, and even began preliminary investigations into building and operating a production brewery of our own. We have been most fortunate to have a partner brewery to work with now, and have very high hopes for the acceptance of our beer across the state in many more restaurants and bars than before. This initial push will be in draft accounts as an introduction to the market on a larger scale – look for LSBC at a better beer bar near you, as we will be doing special release parties to promote our new bigger step into the Michigan craft beer market.
This distribution will be accompanied by new logos for the first four brands that are being produced. See our website (coming soon) for label images of our first four brands; Red Glare Amber Ale, Steamy Windows, Starkweather Stout, and The American IPA. Along with the posters and labels, we also have a new custom tap handle being developed for our brand. Believe me when I say that this tap handle will be first noticed on ANY row of craft beer handles.
So, about the beer – Pub House Brown was tapped this morning and is just as light and refreshing as usual. We will also be bringing back a recent favorite from this summer with our Emperor Norton – Russian Imperial Stout. C Monster is almost gone since we have released it for growler sales, so if you haven’t had it from this batch, you should at least get down here and try it.
Other up coming beers to tap at LSBC are Wheat & Rye ESB and a special blend of our stout with blueberries and vanilla named Berry Vanilla Stout. Also scheduled is a new (honey) bock recipe to be tried at LSBC named Pollinator.
Tuesdays at Liberty Street, join us as we host Motor City Trivia in the Upper Hall for 8-Ball Trivia. It is free to play, and you can win prizes and have a lot of fun, all while enjoying a 10% discount on all menu items during trivia. The game starts at 7 pm, so don’t miss the first question.
Thursday the 15th, we host the Plymouth District Library for Books On Tap. Come and share your opinions and experiences from reading “The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror,” by Christopher Moore. You can still get a copy from the library with enough time to read it now.
To better communicate our holiday schedule, I figured I better clear it up now. Of course we will be closed on Christmas (Sunday the 25th), but we will be open on Saturday (Christmas Eve) until no later than 9 pm as allowed by law. We will open at the normal time of 11 am that day, so you may want to at least come by to stock up on growlers for the weekend.
Which brings me to one last note of importance. I would like to welcome and introduce Tom Hudak to the team at LSBC as a brewer and cellarman. He has been putting most of his effort (and talent) into providing our graphics for the aforementioned posters, which will be used for labels for our bottling distribution to come this spring. I know that we have seriously cut into his homebrewing hobby, but his skills are much needed, and greatly appreciated, here.

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