Liberty One on tap now!

We are releasing the most recent batch of award winning Liberty One Porter today. And there is still a little bit of the Fat Elvis left from Monday night’s release. This is a different porter made with bananas and peanut butter powder to replicate The King’s favorite snack.
We are also working on this years first batches of Clementine Lemon Thyme with a zesting party on Monday the 27th in the Upper Hall. Starting at 7pm, meet me there to zest the first ten batches worth of citrus – bring a zester with you, and I will buy you your first beer. I need a lot of help as we will be doing the zest for our production batch this spring to be distributed throughout the state in kegs and bottles – a total of 10 cases of lemons and 3 cases of clementines are needed for these first batches, and it would be great to have them done soon.
Of course, if I’m talking about CLT coming to tap soon, that means that Punkin’ Pie Ale is soon to be off tap. I know this will upset more than a few people – it is the most requested beer during the summer. There is still plenty left right now, so I suggest a fix before it is gone, or maybe a kegerator in your kitchen with Punkin’ Pie on tap would be the most logical step.

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