Liberty Two on tap and great music this weekend

Today we release this years version of Siamese Dream (aka: Liberty Two). This marks the first day of spring, as well as my birthday – and the day I brew the annual batch of 42nd Parallel (to be released on April 20th). These are both double IPA’s that are very popular, so get in to try them when they are released because there is no guarantee that they will last.
We have also doing a lot of brewing for distribution lately as well, so when you go to a bar or restaurant and they don’t serve Liberty Street Beer, ask them to get it on tap for you. We are also finalizing our bottling plans so that our first four brands will be available soon in stores near you – again, if you don’t see Liberty Street, ask for it please. Stay up to date with these events by following us here or on Facebook, or just come in and ask what’s going on while enjoying a great beer.
We have Four Block Empire returning to the Upper Hall at Liberty Street this Saturday at 9pm. As always, there is no cover for this show, so be here to see a great group of outstanding musicians.

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