More Patriotic Beer from Liberty Street

Join us Wednesday June 6th as we remember the 68th anniversary of D-Day. To show our patriotism, we have a few special beers to be released that day. Though not actually the color as indicated, we let our red, white and blue show.

Red Oak – we started with the original Red Glare Amber Ale, and then aged it on French and American (Allies?) oak for more than two months. It is a welcome refresher for anyone this summer.

“White” G-Free – brewed with White sorghum and agave extracts, raspberry blossom honey and cinnamon sticks, this ale is a sweet take on gluten free beer.

“Blue” Berry Vanilla Stout – using plenty of Blueberries, and vanilla, this is a hearty stout that balances with a perfect fruit compliment.

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