Punkin’ Pie going strong!

This year we expect Punkin’ Pie Ale to be even more popular than ever. We’ve already received an order from our distributor that will be difficult to fill. And of course, we need to be sure there will always be plenty in the tasting room for our guests. This brings about a bit of a problem, though. We are making so much Punkin’ Pie that we are forced to back off production of favorites that are usually brewed at this time of year.
Don’t fear, we do have our Octoberfest beer lagering for a late September (26th?) release, and we are going to do everything we can to keep our regular selection on tap, but some of the specialty beers that we would normally have brewed now are going to have to wait.
Unfortunately, Pub House Brown is going to leave the regular list in favor of the much requested Liberty One Porter. This is our (other) award winner, and has been asked for so much, that we feel it belongs on the regular list. Please feel free to let us know what you think – most feedback so far is positive to this change.

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