The Four Porters – one day only!!!!!

In case you haven’t heard, Punkin’ Pie Ale is now available in growlers. There is also a lot going out into distribution throughout the state, so look for it at better beer bars and restaurants.
Remember our award winning Liberty One Porter? Well, it’s coming back – and it’s bringing some friends. This week Wednesday on the 12th, we will release a fresh batch of Liberty One in the tasting room. And then on Wednesday the 19th (next week), we will have a very special sampler tray available until it runs out. The four samples in this flight are a one year old Liberty One Porter, a two year old soured Liberty One, a two year old Tart Cherry Porter, and a three year old Oak Aged Tart Cherry Porter. There is only a couple gallons of each left, so if you are a fan of sour beers, and particularly Tart Cherry Porter, you will need to plan a visit that day.

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