Barbers Garden IPA release tomorrow!

This years batch of Barbers Garden IPA is finally here! Just as every other brewery out there releases their harvest IPA, we step up to the table with our popular version. We only make one batch per year due to the availability of hops that are grown right in our own back yard – or at least the barber shop next door to us.
On Wednesday December 12th, Emperor Norton Imperial Stout will be available in the tasting room. This 9.3% ale was just described as ‘chocolate cotton candy’ when tasted during transfer today. This will be considered as our (late) celebratory ale for this years anniversary of LSBC – four glorious years of Liberty Street beer for those of us that have been around since the beginning.
And then as an advance notice for those that like to be prepared (for the end of the world), we have a special dual release to celebrate the apocalypse. Doom & Gloom will only be available for a short time, starting on Wednesday the 19th. Doom is a barley wine weighing in at just over 12%, and Gloom is a wheat wine that is a mere 11% abv. Try them both… while you can.

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