Happy birthday to us!

It was only four years ago when we first opened to serve great crafted beer to the people of Plymouth and beyond. Today is the actual anniversary date of our opening, and things are going well. We started out with a brief distribution of bottled product this year, and are in production plans to continue this coming year as well. By the end of 2013 we expect to be in full distribution throughout the entire state of Michigan, both in bottles and on draft at better beer bars and restaurants.
We’ve done a lot of things right, so far… we’ve done a couple of things wrong too. We definitely appreciate all of the support we’ve received from everyone, and we know well enough that it is because of you all that we are still going strong. We ask that you continue your support of Michigan craft beer, and Liberty Street beer in particular. Help us grow our brand throughout the state by asking for our beer wherever you go. Thank you.

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