You asked for wheat… on tap this Wednesday.

So, that’s what you’re gonna get! We are always asked for a wheat beer from guests that frequent the tasting room, here’s one that won’t disappoint. In preparation of our seasonal spiced wheat beer; Clementine Lemon Thyme, we made a wheat beer that is just straight forward without distractions. Unlike our regular wheat named Amber Waves, which is fermented with a German yeast that imparts banana and clove characteristics, this beer uses just our regular ale yeast strain. And, not to confuse it with either of those two brands, we simply named this beer “You asked for wheat…”.
There is still some 8 Ball IPA on tap, and Pub House Brown is enjoying a welcomed return lately. As previously mentioned, you can expect to see Clementine Lemon Thyme soon as an indicator of winters end. And to let you in on a little secret, Rye PA will be coming soon as well.

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