Back on the bottle yet?

If you regularly peruse the aisles at the better beer stores, you may have noticed that Red Glare and Steamy Windows are back in bottles! Not to be left out, The American IPA and Starkweather Stout will also soon be bottled and joining the others on the shelves. If you go to your store (bars and restaurants too) and don’t see our beer, ask for it so they can order from our distributor.
We have been very busy since starting our bottling production, and trying to keep up with the seasonal offerings is a little tricky. Regardless, we have been able to get a lot of rotating beers ready to enjoy, starting with the release last week of C Monster and tomorrows release of a new beer named Liberty Bell Gin Pale Ale. Yup, it’s a Belgian beer made with juniper berries in the finish to provide a fruity and floral note. This is a lower alcohol beer for a Belgian style, but we think it is a very easy drinker considering the current heat wave.
In addition to the standard 12 ounce long neck bottling we’ve been doing, we have also been filling “Snarlers” for to-go sales from the brewery. Though many would consider the normal 64 ounce glass growler to be a single serving, some may think it is too much. Enter the ‘Snarler’, a 32 ounce PET amber “brown” bottle used for home consumption of Liberty Street beer. Of course, because it is PET plastic, you may also bring it to; park, beach, disc golf, cycling (road or trail), regular golf with sticks, baseball games, whirlyball, beach volleyball, etc. They even fit into the water bottle cage on a bicycle (coincidentally?)

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