Introducing the Snarler

In an attempt to satisfy everyone, we are introducing a new product available at the brewery only. Known by other names, the ‘Snarler’ is half of a growler capacity (half a growl is a snarl…), and made of amber colored recyclable PET plastic. This package offers many advantages to the glass growler; less volume makes it a better volume for personal consumption, it can go places that glass isn’t allowed, longer storage period dues to filling process. Now available in five brands prefilled at the brewery, with more brands to come. Though refillable, we will not be refilling from the taps due to excessive foaming – rather, we sanitize the Snarler and fill with sanitary filling equipment. This allows you to stock up your fridge with multiple brands of our beer at one time, that have a shelf life much longer than a normal growler fill from the tap.

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