Two ‘new’ beers on tap now

So one of the two new beers is really our regular Starkweather Stout recipe, only we decided to nitrogenate it instead of carbonating it. This is a process, made famous by a popular Irish stout, that can be used for almost any style of beer. We used our stout which is a bit more robust than that lighter one, and it does not disappoint. The equipment and condition of the beer make this a spectacle when poured, as the bubbles appear to cascade downward in the glass. The flavor changes in this beer are obvious from the first sip – the lack of carbonation makes it very smooth with almost a richness of texture. The chocolate notes that are evident in the normally conditioned Starkweather Stout are magnified considerably and you’ll want another one for desert right after your first one.

Liberty Street Amber Waves

Liberty Street Amber Waves

Another new beer on tap is Amber Waves which is an American Hefeweizen style wheat beer using a specific German yeast strain that leaves behind specific characteristics indicative of the style. Banana and clove are evident from this lighter wheat beer that can be enjoyed by anybody. This will be on tap throughout the state soon as we expect to distribute some for others to enjoy. Please ask for it at better bars and restaurants that you go to.
Bottling has gone well, and we are gearing up for more production in bottles. Also coming soon is Punkin’ Pie Ale scheduled for release in the tasting room on September 11th (or maybe a week earlier if you know to ask). We literally cannot make enough of this beer for our distributor or tasting room customers, but once again we’ll try.

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