Oktoberfest release this week!

Our annual batch of Oktoberfest will be released tomorrow in the tasting room, and it is another great batch. We brew our Oktoberfest beer in the spring like it is supposed to be, and lager it in the cold tank for the entire summer to mellow and smooth out during conditioning. The result is a caramel tasting, light hopped beer that hides the higher alcohol level well. This is a small batch that will not be available in growlers or snarlers at all, so if you want to try it, you’ll need to come in and get it here.
Also, be sure to reserve your spot at our annual Oktoberfest banquet at The Inn At St. John’s on next Wednesday the 25th. I have already posted the menu on my facebook page so you can see what to expect in advance, it will be an amazing event with great beer and food, and hopefully a lot of company.
Oktoberfest flyer 2013

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