Punkin’ Pie Ale almost here?

Actually, it is already here! Look for it in bars and restaurants near you, and demand it if they don’t already have it. The official release here at the brewery is this Wednesday afternoon when we open. And if you come to the brewery and ask for it, you can get some before Wednesday – but don’t tell everyone!
This weekend you can get Liberty Street beer at a couple special events; go to Westborn Market in Berkley for a “Meet Michigan” tent sampling event in the parking lot, and then we are again at the DIY festival in Ferndale. At Westborn, we will be pouring samples of the four bottled brands for the purpose of selling them right there in the tent alongside other great Michigan items. And Punkin’ Pie Ale will be on tap at the DIY Festival.
Check out this new interactive map with all of the locations that have purchased our beer according to our sales reports.

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