Barbers Garden IPA release this week.

This years batch of Barbers Garden IPA will be released this Wednesday when we open at 3pm. If you’ve not heard of this beer, we make it using hops that were grown right next to the brewery. They are harvested and processed right here, and then added to our regular “The American” recipe as additional hops. As usual, we will not fill growlers until after one week on tap, so schedule your fill date on or after the 13th.
Other dates on the horizon are the release of Liberty Five (aka Pooh Beer). This is our very popular Honey Porter made with Michigan harvested pure honey, and ringing in around the 10% abv range. This beer is also well known for some of the ‘creative’ graphics we’ve attached to it. The beer will be released at a special release party and anniversary party to celebrate our completion of five years making beer (December 8th).
And don’t forget to come by the Upper Hall on Thursday this week to enjoy a fresh beer while taking in a little history lesson. We will host for a live story telling of the night of Paul Revere’s ride, known as “the birth of our nation”. Hear back stories and detailed accounts of events leading up to this historic day. I promise it is not the same story you heard back in fourth grade.

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