We’re 5 years old now!

fiverI know, I’m a few days late on this announcement, but technology prevented me from posting last week. If you follow us on Facebook or come to the tasting rooms often, then you already knew all of this.
We began our celebration with the tapping of this years anniversary ale Pooh Beer. This is a honey porter that weighs in at just under 10%, and is sweet enough to cover any alcohol character – but not syrupy sweet, so it finishes smooth. It is a fan favorite at the winter beer festival, and we will be saving a keg for that, so you’ll want to get in to try it soon. Anybody that bought a pint of Pooh Beer got a raffle ticket good for all kinds of merchandise including a Growler of the Month subscription. Between the raffle prizes, I was able to speak on our five year journey, and even let some secret future projects out of the bag.
As everyone knows, we don’t have a lot of food options here, but we had a local BBQ food truck come in and park at the loading dock to sell food to our customers. It went over so well that we are hoping to make it a regular thing – either monthly, weekly or daily.

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