Majesty on tap this week and other ‘lovely’ news…

2014-02-10 13.57.44
After much questioning for the bourbon barrel aged version of Emperor Norton, I am so happy to say it will be on tap this Wednesday the 12th when we open. This batch was brewed before the one that is currently on tap because it had spent more than three months in those barrels until we felt it was ready to be fully appreciated. This barrel aged version will be bottled and labeled under the brand name Majesty.
Also coming to tap this week will be the release of a couple other well anticipated offerings. Friday we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our usual release of Red Velvet and our first mead produced right here at the brewery. First the beer, Red Velvet was an idea from our first Valentine’s Day when I blended chocolate with our Red Glare Amber Ale – it was a huge hit, and we make it every year now.
The mead, named “Exquisite”, was made from locally harvested honey more than two years ago and then blended with Madagascar vanilla beans and sweetened with raspberry blossom honey.

It has a very high alcohol level but you won’t be able to tell until you try to order more and can’t pronounce it. I plan to name all of our meads with names that are fun to say when sober, but hard to say when you’ve had too many.

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