Tart Cherry Porter is back at Liberty Street

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve had to answer a lot of requests, but Tart Cherry Porter is finally back on tap at Liberty Street Brewing Company. When we make this beer, there is a stir around the brewery for several months, and plenty of sleep is lost.

It all starts innocent enough with a terrific Robust Porter recipe using a normal ale yeast fermentation – then we introduce a bacteria that infects the beer with specific wild yeast cultures to further ferment and sour the beer. I know what you’re thinking, but it already tastes better than you’d expect – but then we make it even better by blending in just a slight amount of Michigan tart cherries to take the edge off the sour character.
This beer won us our first gold medal in competition, and later won another award on it’s own, plus two additional awards for the base porter recipe. However biased I may be, there are plenty of others that agree, so come and get some if you love sour beers, and at least try it if you don’t.

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