Barreled Territorial release today

Today at the brewery we will release Barreled Territorial, a Baltic Porter made with molasses and cocoa nibs. This beer started as a collaboration with our great friends at Witch’s Hat Brewing in South Lyon. The first release was on April 1st with one keg from each of us, and then we both put the remainder in bourbon barrels for several months. After a sneak preview at the summer beer festival, it is finally being released today.
Our new production brewery, or ‘newery’, is coming along just fine. Technically it is on schedule, but it can’t be done fast enough for me. The brewhouse is in position as well as the cold room. Tanks are on the way and then we’ll just be putting everything together and testing while we wait for appropriate licensing.
One last tidbit – Pooh Beer will be coming to the taps soon, so look out for future details of it’s availability.

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