Another new beer today, and bigger news

Liberty Smash is the name of our new beer on tap today. This beer is made with “Single Malt And Single Hop” (SMASH), using only 2-row malted barley, and Liberty hops. This is a very simple beer, and was designed to be that way so that we can judge the character of the Liberty hops that we have been getting. The only regular beer that we use Liberty hops in is The American IPA, and we add Liberty hops mainly because it is in our name. This is a small batch made on the pilot system, so if you try it and you really like it, you may want to get your share before it is gone.
And bigger news is that the Punkin’ Pie Ale is now available for growler fills. I know, it doesn’t seem like big news to most of you, but if you are one of the dozens of customers asking for growlers of Punkin’ Pie and being turned down, then this is a big deal indeed! Our supply of this popular beer is being propped up with lots of extra brewing, so we expect to not run out any time soon.
And another quick tidbit of info on the new brewery; all of our bottling equipment has been brought in, and we are finalizing installation of several key elements (boiler, glycol chiller). Our license application is moving along as well as can be expected, and we hope to be doing practice (water only) brewing soon. There will be tours available after the brewery has been tested out and production is in full swing. We will keep you posted here, as well as on Facebook.
Speaking of using social media for communication, we now have a group page for people that are interested in helping at the brewery. Join here by following the group. I will only post here when we need help, so specifics of the help needed as well as dates and times will be posted, and replies to the post will be used to schedule helpers.

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