A new SMASH this week and anniversary news

Lite of Polaris is a Single Malt And Single Hop beer using a new hop variety called Polaris. These hops are dubbed “the mint drop”, though we have noted mostly exotic fruit aromas and flavors. With the high alpha acid rating of these hops, the small amount used definitely makes it’s presence known. This is a small batch that will be released on Wednesday and will be very limited.
As we get closer to the end of the year, we get closer to our anniversary – the anniversary ale has been brewed and is conditioning in anticipation of this years release as Liberty Six. More details will follow…
Barbers Garden IPA is almost gone, but we need your help so we can release it’s sister batch; Brewers Garden IPA. This is in the same style as the former, but uses hops grown in the gardens of several local brewers and donated for this batch. Exactly what you’d expect from our regular IPA with a lot of extra hops.

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