A new barrel aged beer on tap!

While we waited to do the Majesty bourbon barrel aging of Emperor Norton Imperial Stout, we decided to try a couple more of our great beers in the barrels. Starting with the two that we already know will taste great after aging in oak for months. So using Liberty One robust porter, we aged for several months in the same Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels that we always use. It is on tap now, and only available for a short while. The other beer we used was Red Glare, which we like to call Red Oak after barrel aging. It will be ready for service after the new year.
Also on Tuesday, we will release a very special small batch of Santa Stout made with seasonal spices and ingredients.
And don’t forget to get your growlers filled for Christmas since you can’t buy alcohol that day. And we will be closing at 8pm on Christmas Eve.

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