Another new beer for the holiday week

So we just released Bourbon Barrel Aged Liberty One Porter this past weekend, and just a short time earlier we released our anniversary beer, Liberty Six. We still have plenty of the Liberty Six (aka Morning Constitutional), and also a lot of the Porter, but just in time for Christmas, we are releasing Santa Stout tomorrow when we open at 3pm. This is a normal stout recipe with added flavors from spices and other seasonal ingredients.
As a reminder, gift cards make great gifts, and we are still offering a bonus $10 gift card for any purchased gift card over $50. Also, get your growlers and snarlers in advance of Christmas day because we won’t be able to serve you – we are even closing at 8pm on Christmas Eve. Share a growler with your friends and family as you gather for the holidays. Be safe, and we hope to see you all soon.

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