Love is in the air… for more beer

Ah Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrate it or not, at least it always means more new beers will be released. We just had our Steamy Windows spotlighted in an article on Valentine’s themed beers in the Lansing State Journal, and they probably missed out on our more famous Valentine’s Day Release. That’s right, it’s time for Red Velvet, our chocolate version of Red Glare. And not to be the sole release for this special occasion, we also barreled some of the Red Glare in old Majesty barrels and even spiced things up a bit. What I’m talking about is Four Reds! Red Glare, Red Velvet (chocolate), Mean Red (cayenne pepper), and Red Oak (bourbon barrel aged). We open at 11 am on Saturday, so bring your special someone in for a flight of them all.

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