Pub House Brown on tap now and bottles coming back to stores

Pub House Brown went on tap yesterday at the brewery and it is as refreshing as ever. At just 4% alcohol, this is the dark beer that goes down like a light beer, but with a bit more character. Available now on tap, and next week in growlers and snarlers.
Well the first batches of beer from the new production plant have been picked up by the distributor, so that means you should see our brands finally back in stores in Michigan. We now have full production capability to support your favorite bottle store, bar or restaurant, so ask for our beer to be offered. And now with all the beer out of the tanks, they are empty and need to be refilled. With the next 6 days dedicated to brewing more, we’ll be doing it again in a few more weeks. A special thank you to those that helped us package the beer – it was a great help for sure.

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