Batch 500 release tomorrow!!!!!! HALF K

Yes, it took us quite a while to get to this milestone brew session, but when we got there, we made a bigger batch of a popular small batch. We’re going to call it “Half K” as it is batch #500 for us on the Liberty Street main brewing system. You can follow the link to the real name, or come in and try it to see what we did different. It’s a bit bigger than the original beer coming in at 5.00% alcohol (because it is batch 500 – see what I did there?).
And in case you don’t follow us on Facebook (the group page, not the company page), we have one of my favorites on tap right now – Punkin’ Pie Ale! Known for being a beer first with just a hint of spice, this lager/ale blended beer is more refreshing than you’d think. There is a lot to go around, but you better believe I’ll be having my share.
And I know I’ve been away for a while, and a flurry of specialty beers have come and gone in the past couple of weeks. With a pending travel schedule of vacations and promotional events coming soon, I better get a little ahead of myself… As usual on April 20th , next Monday, we will release 42nd Parallel Imperial IPA. We plan to bottle this in bombers for distribution and sale from the tasting room as ‘to-go’ product. And then if I don’t mention it soon enough, we will be releasing Pooh Beer Honey Porter – another brand that might make it into bottles, but a portion will almost certainly be aged in our bourbon barrels that we use for Majesty.
And since I am mentioning bottles, we finally have our bottled brands back in the market – and this time for good!! Now that the Livonia production brewery is running, we are almost completely back to where we were when we had to cease production last summer. What this means for you is that you can have our beer with you at home or with friends without having to bring a growler or even the need of a glass (though recommended). So buy Liberty Street beer at your favorite craft beer retailer, or come right to the brewery and buy it at it’s absolute freshest. We are even going to give the Sunday/Wednesday growler discount to the 6 packs at least until we see how they move.

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