Our beer, in a 6 pack, at the brewery and in stores

We finally have all four of our core brands back on store shelves in 6 packs. We even finally got our logo printed on the bottles caps to dress them up a little. You can even buy 6 packs right at our tasting rooms, and at the same price as a growler, you definitely can’t go wrong. Heck, we’ll even give the growler discount on 6 packs at least through this summer. Yup, that’s $2 off 6 packs on Sundays and Wednesdays, a honey of a deal if I’ve ever heard one. So, get your growlers filled with specialty beers when you want them, grab a sixer or two so your friends can be amazed at your great taste, or even grab a snarler if you happen to be riding your bike (they fit a bicycle bottle carrier). Whatever you do, please keep us as your official beer sponsor, and we will continue to make fresh local beer.

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