C-Monster invades Plymouth tomorrow

Don’t run and hide! There’s nothing to fear, unless excessive hop bitterness scares you. C-Monster is one of our Imperial IPA recipes that is well received by all that try it. We’re not necessarily well known for overly hoppy beers, but this is one that cannot be missed. This beer has a great balance of malt sweetness and medium body, combined with a blend of the “C’ hops.
And if you can’t handle the bitterness as well as others, but you still love the flavors and aromas that hops give to the beer, then you’ll be happy to hear what is being tapped next week. On July 1st we will release Eagle Eye PA which is a clean sessionable ale made with Cascade hops. We use the hops late in the brewing process to accentuate the flavors and aroma and reducing the bitterness extraction.
To all of you that came out to see us at Liberty Fest in Canton, thank you very much! The event was a huge success again this year.

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