More new beer and something very special coming soon

Well I missed out on telling everybody last week that we released Wheat & Rye ESB, so I didn’t want to repeat my error and forget to tell you we are releasing another new beer today. Waves of Grain finally makes it back to tap as we transition from summer toward fall. Both of these are real easy drinkers and both are wheat beers. The ESB has only a slight amount of wheat, but Waves of Grain is half wheat malt because it is a Hefeweizen. The difference between the two couldn’t be more obvious because of the yeast used too. The ESB is quite smooth with just a slight English hop character, even though the “B” in ESB stands for bitter. And Waves of Grain is just a pleasant beer with banana aromas and a clean aftertaste.
I don’t know if you think it is too early to consider the barrage of pumpkinny beers that are already out there, but get ready for the best. That’s right, Punkin’ Pie Ale is finally making a return very soon. And something a little special this year, we are finally going to have it in bottles. As we’ve tried for years to get the packaging done for this brand so that we could bottle it, we finally have the graphics done, and I think you’ll love it. I’ll keep you posted here for the release date and other info about Punkin’ Pie Ale.

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