Pooh Beer back on tap! …free root beer?

Pooh Beer is finally back on tap, and I say that in jest because it was just on tap several weeks ago and it is only supposed to be once a year. Well, I guess it just wasn’t enough for all of you, even though we made our first double batch this year. We made a lot more this time, and Pooh3we will be having a little more fun with it – look for Bear (L) Hug coming out in a few months after Pooh Beer relaxes in our Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. There is even enough to get growlers filled right from the beginning, so don’t be shy, come to Liberty Street and get your Pooh Beer today.
Also, don’t forget to get your Punkin’ Pie Ale in 6 packs directly from the brewery, or even in stores near you. Anyone who is a true fan of PPA knows that we have a very special blend with our own house made root beer that is remenicent of the old “windmill cookies” granny used to give. We make this all the time in the brewery and at festivals across the state, so we thought we would make a nice offer to help you spread this amazing blend to your friends. If you buy a case of Punkin’ Pie Ale from the brewery, we will give you a free root beer growler refill. So bring a clean growler when you get your Punkin’ Pie Ale – just in case.

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