Eagle Eye PA is back on tap, and ‘Swarm Outside too!

Yes it’s warm outside – finally! So we made a summer lager with honey to be a warmer weather version of our popular Pooh Beer. Try ‘Swarm Outside today and see what a difference it makes to match a clean lager character to the fresh honey taste.
And now that we got the next batch of Eagle Eye ready, you need to know we changed it slightly to bring more aroma and fresh hop flavor to this beer. Always made with Cascade hops from Michigan, now we added Cashmere hops to the dry hop process and it is even better than before. Come get some today, and take some home in a growler to enjoy it while mowing the lawn or queuing up some meats on the grill. No matter what you are doing, you can maintain vigilance after a few of these sessionable IPA’s.

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