Brewer Series small batch on tap: Slippy (a Saison)

Our new brewers are having a lot of fun with the pilot system these days. On tap now, we have a new beer style for us in Scribble – a Berliner Weiss authentic kettle soured beer. Scribble started out as a test batch in order to try the kettle sour process, and it turned out so good, that we had to make a bigger batch of it. Come and try it with the newest beer to the line up, Slippy. Slippy is a Saison style (often referred to as a farmhouse ale). It is unhopped, but the light bite you’ll feel from the sourness will balance it out into a great summer beer with a lower alcohol content.
And keeping with the lighter beers for the summer, don’t forget to try Pub House Brown. And if grilling and spending time at home is your preference, then take home a growler to enjoy your Liberty in your own home.

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