Pub House Brown back on tap in time for the hot weather.

My favorite beer in the whole world, and it is just in time to bring us into summer. Pub House Brown is back on tap in the brewery, and it is better than I remember. It will definitely go quick (sorry, you can blame me), so please get in and have some. See why it is my favorite beer and why it was chosen as the topic beer for an international homebrew competition (Brew Bubbas Session Beer Challenge). At around 4%, you can have a couple of them and still mow the lawn or BBQ some meats.
And when considering sessionable beers, don’t look further than Eagle Eye PA to fill that hole in your life. We use Michigan grown hops from Top Hops in Goodrich, and they couldn’t give a more fresh flavor if you were chewing them. Maybe hops or dark beers aren’t your thing – maybe you like sour beers? Well, we have a new one coming soon to tap as we delve into the world of wild fermentation. Though under strict control, I will refer to the bacteria we use as wild. The wort is extracted and boiled, then cooled and inoculated with a pure bacterial strain to begin a souring cycle that lasts for days. We re-boil the wort and introduce a pure yeast strain to complete fermentation. The result is a refreshing Berliner Weiss at 4% abv and enjoyable by itself or with the traditional addition of syrups. This beer is called Scribble, so look for it in a few weeks, and get into it fast because it will probably be distributed so others can enjoy it.
If you haven’t been by the brewery in a while, please come by and see what is new, other than the beers. We have a few new shirts available, and have some new hats, including the ever popular trucker style hats. Check out the new jersey shirts – they are perfect for the hot weather (and don’t show the sweat).

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