New Brewer Series beer – Panopticon; a biere de garde

Come and get it! Another fresh recipe from the brewers – they are running the gamut in beer styles, and this style has only been brewed at Liberty Street once before. Panopticon is a biere de garde, which is known as a “beer for keeping”, we made it to be enjoyed immediately. The Brewer Series beers are usually very small batches, so you need to get in early in the week to try them before they are gone.
Other beers that are getting scarce: Scribble and Pooh Beer. And with the summer closing fast, we are getting new beers ready for you, like: Pun-Kin Pie Ale, Octoberfest and Siamese Dream, as well as the barreled version of Pooh Beer (Bear L Hug).
Another thing to consider as summer ends, football season is here!!!! Bring your draft party to Liberty Street and enjoy special pricing for your whole group. We’ve welcomed several groups in the past few years, and even reserve the entire Upper Hall if your group is big enough. Contact the brewery for more information, or keep an eye out here as I will update you.

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