Oktoberfest on tap now

Two new beers to announce today – Oktoberfest and Spiritual Spiral, a black Saison. Spiritual Spiral is a Brewers Series beer, so it is very limited, and Oktoberfest is also a single batch beer brewed in the spring and lagered all summer like a traditional Marzen should.
Join us tonight at Ashley’s in Westland for Big Booty Judy’s Big Beer Bonanza. Enjoy big beers from a bunch of local breweries including three from Liberty Street; Bear L Hug (Bourbon barrel aged Pooh Beer), Siamese Dream Double IPA and After-Shocker a sour beer aged in a red wine barrel. All beers at this event will be ‘big’ beers, so enjoy responsibly.
Then join us tomorrow when we hit both sides of town at Farmington’s Harvest Moon Festival Thursday and Friday, and then at Yates Cider Mill on Thursday for a beer tasting on the Clinton River. Get cider and donuts and beer! If you are on the extreme west side, you can join us in Manistee on Saturday for Hops and Props.
Do you want to know more about beer? Sign up now for Beer Savvy Bootcamp at Liberty Street Brewing Company (REGISTRATION ONLINE AT CICERONE.ORG).

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